Moein Khawaja

Thank You and Farewell

I write to you with bittersweet news. I will be stepping down as the Executive Director of CAIR-Philadelphia exactly a month from today. This was a very difficult decision because I love this job, but I have chosen to move on and pursue graduate studies so that I may become a more effective public servant, God willing, and perhaps return to Philadelphia in a few years. Working with CAIR has been one of the greatest, most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life, and I am thankful to have been given the opportunity.

Calling the Bluff – House Bill 2029’s anti-Muslim origins and threats to religious freedom by Moein Khawaja

As our Jewish brothers and sisters celebrate Hanukkah and Christians prepare for Christmas, Muslims must contend with the fact that their own elected officials have capitulated to the hysteria of Islamophobia and are contemplating an anti-sharia bill. On Wednesday, December 14, CAIR-Philadelphia and interfaith leaders held a press conference to challenge House Bill 2029.  House Bill 2029 is the latest in a series of bills introduced in state legislators across the country, many of which have passed.  They are written by anti-Muslim, white supremacist David Yerushalmi.  Although the bill itself does not mention sharia, the legislative intent is clear by its sponsors.  Blatant government action against sharia, and by extension all Muslims, will not be tolerated and CAIR-Philadelphia will take a stand.

An Analysis of the Norway Terror Attacks, the Influence of Islamophobia and How We Label Terrorists by Moein Khawaja

Two very important themes have emerged from the terrorist attack in Norway this past weekend, both of which require analysis and offer some interesting conclusions.  One, some media have demonstrated a desire to jump to the conclusion that if an act of terrorism occurs, then there must be some Muslim involvement.   Moreover, others have shown a clear double standard after learning the attack was committed by someone who is not a Muslim.  Two, the attacker, Anders Behring Breivik, has revealed himself to be a right-wing, extremist Islamophobe.  The question then emerges, why did he attack a government building and a youth camp, and not a mosque or Muslim institution?