Sahir Muhammad

Member, CAIR-Philadelphia Advisory Board

Sahir Muhammad works as a Behavioral Specialist and Mobile Therapist for a three different agencies in Philadelphia and does family therapy for Dunbar Agency and at the Masjid that he attends. Sahir has also served as a Youth Counselor for the Peaceful Posse/Physicians for Social Responsibility Project, which was a start up company for that program. Sahir holds a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, a Masters Degree in Psychology from the University of Sciences, and is currently undergoing study to obtain his MA and Licensure in Counseling Psychology at Alvernia University. Mr. Muhammad’s profession is concentrated on his passion in the area of youth development and skill building. Sahir Muhammad’s background is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and has introduced this concept of therapy to the Masjid that he attends. He is very active in the Philadelphia community, with notable contributions including volunteer work with the Special Olympics and service as Captain of the Jawala Scouts of America.

Sahir is currently leading the development of Creative Thinking and Advancement, LLC, a consultancy serving to significantly increase the involvement of African American fathers and their families in the lives of their children; by providing effective communication strategies and treatment programs for young fathers in the Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice System.