CAIR-Philadelphia Welcomes New Outreach Manager
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Dear family and friends in faith:

It’s an honor to be back in the great city of Philadelphia. I recently joined the CAIR-Philadelphia team and am excited to be of service to the community and to help manifest the Muslim tradition’s cherished values and principles, Insha’Allah, God-willing.

Some of you may remember me from my time on Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign. To those whom I didn’t yet meet:Salaam ‘Alaikum, Shalom, may God’s Peace be with us all.

With gratitude to God, despite last November’s outcome, I remain confident that the Muslim tradition can continue to educate our American pursuit of liberty and justice for all. Liberating ourselves from ego, purifying hearts, seeking to know God, striving toward perfection, sustaining peace, organizing with conscience of God, inviting neighbors, creating local solutions that serve the needs of our community where political institutions fail, and trusting God, we can live in social justice. In the Quran, God reminds us, “Indeed he succeeds who purifies his ownself, And indeed he fails who corrupts his ownself” (91:9-10).

I believe that the Muslim community in the Delaware Valley holds incredible potential to be a force for virtue and an exemplar of God’s complete light of unity, peace, loving solidarity, mercy, stewardship, power, beauty, justice, and compassion. I look forward to helping organize with the community to revive the Muslim spirit, build our organizational capacity for the greater good of all, defend our rights as Americans, and advocate for the greater good for all Americans.

Al-Sharif Nassef
Program Development & Outreach Manager, CAIR-Philadelphia

You can follow Al-Sharif on Twitter @alsharifpasha

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