Understanding Political Islam Course
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CAIR PA instructor Iftekhar Hussain

This course will explore the historical development of statecraft in Muslim societies and how source text, textual interpretation and real-politick have influenced the course of that development. We will review a brief history of the Islamic State first before delving into the birth and development of Islamic Law. The decline of the practice of Islamic Law will be explored next; this will be followed by studying the rise of political Islam as a consequence. Finally, current experiments with constitutional reform will be investigated in their Sunni and Shi’a manifestations.

  • ISLAM 701 A Brief History of the Islamic State: 1 session
  • ISLAM 702 The Birth of Islamic Law: 2 sessions
  • ISLAM 703 The Decline of Islamic Law: 2 sessions
  • ISLAM 704 The Rise of Islamism: 2.5 sessions
  • ISLAM 705 Sunni vs. Shia experience with Constitutional Reform: 2.5 sessions

Download Understanding Political Islam Course Overview (Powerpoint)

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Modified: July 15, 2009